Inge Lekkerkerker

In 2001 Inge graduated from the hotel school of Den Haag. She started of her career with Deloitte as a management consultant; over time she became a business development manager with Accenture.

Her love and passion for cooking is not a secret. She finds great pleasure in preparing delicious dishes for her family and friends on weekends, and sharing her talent with them. In 2014, she auditioned for the amateur culinary contest Master Chef Holland 2015, and was selected to join the ranks with the other 15 candidates. 

Thanks to the Master Chef adventure, She was able to learn from many talented Chefs among who some are Michelin starred. She developed her talent among Chefs Luc Kusters form the “Bolenius”, Dennis Jong from the “Soigne” and Rene Brienne from “Brienne van de Maas”.