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United in spice

With over 30 years of experience, the founder of Flavori (www.Flavori.com) Dirk Soenens, always looking for the most qualitative spices all over the world, decided to go directly to the peoples homes. Before Flavori only worked with wholesale and retail companies, but Dirk wanted to get closer to the people who would actually use his spices. And that's how Spice Pot was born. 

Spice Pot is where the flavours of the world come together, in a mouth-watering mix of cuisines and cultures. We find the world’s finest spices, then bring the world to your kitchen.

Together with us, you’ll bring thrilling new ideas and life to your food - inspired by our gifted, adventurous chefs, including Morocco’s Choumicha, Belgium’s Roland Debuyst and Korea’s Judy Joo. In collaboration with these chefs we've created amazing blends, who bring you directly to the essence of the dish: the scent and flavour.

We'll keep looking for these sort of collaborations, so we can bring you ALL the flavours of the world. Are you a chef who would like to create his/her own line of spicemixes? Or do you know somebody who would? Contact us @ info@spic-pot.com. 

Do you want to be featured as a hobbychef? Be sure to check out our chef's page!

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